Month: May 2017

On-characteristics-of-automatic-contract-machine-of-ACOM 31 May

On Characteristics Of Automatic Contract Machine Of ACOM

The characteristics of ACOM’s automatic contract machine are convenient because you can fill out the contract documents and conduct a review on the spot. In this case, it is necessary to prepare in advance in order to require a personal identification document such as a license or insurance card.


In automatic contract machines, we put these documents on the screen so that we can read the information on the machine and then conduct a judging process on the company side. For this reason, it takes the time to review because it is necessary to investigate the status of income and the situation of the workplace.



In the automatic contract machine of ACOM, there are restrictions such as not being able to leave the contract machine because there are questions etc. by ACOM employees. However, although it takes the time to review, it will be useful if you need money right away as it will be available soon as it will result on the same day.



There are ways to refer to ACOM’s homepage etc. for the location of the automatic contract machine of ACOM. In the case of an automatic contract machine, it is characterised by being able to make a response through the installed telephone and being able to make a contract even without a telephone, and the result of the examination will appear immediately.

How-To-Use-ACOM 's-Card Loan 29 May

How To Use ACOM ‘s Card Loan

ACOM is consumer finance of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. We are issuing card loans and credit cards, and there are store windows in all over the country and unmanned contract machine “Mujin-kun”. Applications for examination are required for use.



Applying for examination can be done from the Internet, store window, unmanned contract machine, etc. Procedures are possible without visiting the store on the Internet. Also, if you process from a window or unmanned contract machine “Mujin-kun”, cards will be issued on the spot.



When applying for application at window or Mujin-kun, prepare a personal identification document and let us visit. At the window, the contact person at the window desk, if you are using Musumekan let’s sign up according to guidance. You can shorten your time by visiting after you sign up on the Internet.



As the card is issued on the spot once the procedure is over, you can also use the ATM that is installed at the same time to lend you the same day. Atm is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, repayment/borrowing is also possible with partnering atm affixed by ACOM sticker.

About the repayment date in the case of borrowing with ACOM


In the case of consumer finance ACOM, repayment date when borrowing is made to be able to choose either the 35th day or the specified date every month. Also, if you choose direct debit as a repayment method, the sixth of every month is the repayment date, so it will be withdrawn from the designated account.



If you select repayment dates every 35 days, the due date of repayment is to be on the 35th day from the day following the borrowing date in the case of the first borrowing, after that, it is on the 35th day counting from the day following the previous repayment date I will. Please note that due to additional borrowing on the way, this deadline will not be extended.



If you choose the designated date every month, it will be the desired date, but the next business day will be the due date when the specified date becomes a holiday of ACOM. Also at this time additional use If the addition date is not extended along with a notice that the portion repaid more than 15 days before the schedule will be additional repayment for the previous month.



And if you choose direct debit for payment method, payment will be withdrawn from your account with payment set to 20th day on the next month 6th. In this case, if the sixth day falls on a holiday of a financial institution, the next business day will be the account transfer date. If you wish to repay anything other than direct debit, you can do it at a store or ATM.

What-Is-The-Interest-On-The-Promise 26 May

What Is The Interest On The Promise?

The interest on the promised card loan is somewhat different depending on the “loan product” which borrows.

Interest on the most popular “promise free loan” is set at 4.5% to 17.8% per year. In the past, loans were made with a limit amount of 3 million yen, but recently the limit amount has been raised to 5 million yen.

Promise Card card loans can be used at low-interest rates if you want high loans, which is very convenient. However, the prospective interest rate when delayed (repayment is delayed) is 20.0% (annual rate). Please be careful not to forget to return it.

For ladies’ exclusive loan product “Women’s Promise”, interest is applied from 4.5% to 17.8% in the same year as free loans.

Interest on ‘Promise ยท Self-employed Card Loan’ for self-employed people is 6.3% -17.8% (annual rate), which is slightly higher than general borrowing. However, compared with other card loan companies, it is becoming a popular item to be used by many people as “a loan that is easy to judge”.

The “Payment Summary Loan” “Conclusion Loan Based on the Money Lending Business Law” applies from the same interest rate of 6.3% to 17.8% (annual rate) as the self-employed loan. If you want to unify borrowing, want to refinance low-interest rates with promise, please do use it.

In addition, Promise’s purpose loan is a useful item that can be used from 6.3% to 16.5% (annual rate). It is highly recommended for borrowing with a fixed purpose such as bridal, leisure, moving, educational funds.

Convenient promise member service

Promise has a reputation, among other card loan companies, that “membership service is substantial”. The Promise member site can log in from the blue button called “member login” on the top page of the promise official website.

If you enter your card number and PIN, you can use it immediately after applying. If you are using Promise’s “Non-interest period service”, please proceed from here.

Promise ‘s member service can do various procedures such as changing address, workplace, e – mail address etc. In addition, it supports also online cashing, repayment procedure from the net bank, increase application etc.

If you are troubled to go to a convenience store at midnight and want to finish repayment at home, please try using the convenient member service of Promise by all means.

In addition, Promise member site can apply for repayment simulation and mail service. The mail service is a convenient service that will notify you of the monthly repayment date, notify “repayment date” to the cell phone or designated email address.

Those who wish to make a one-time repayment from now on, it is a good idea to take a look at “usage situation” in the membership service and proceed. Total repayment amount changes every day. It is also a major feature of Promise Membership Service that you can learn about usage as well as various procedures. Please try to make use of clever use of caching and information management.

How-To-Get-Online-Home-Equity-Loans 22 May

How To Get Online Home Equity Loans

Homeowners have one thing that they could depend on in times of emergency or when financial conditions are not quite good. If the market value of their house is more than the total of its unpaid mortgage and different liabilities connected with the house, then they have a home equity. There are financial institutions that offer different kinds of loans with their house equity as collateral. This would be useful when they have a Want for funds such as for education and home improvements. Getting these loans are easy these days. Homeowners don’t need to leave their homes since they could get online home equity loans.

There are some things to get ready before deciding to apply for online home equity loans. The borrower has to make sure he has original documents that will prove his ability to pay the loan. This may include proofs on income, employment certificate, tax returns and similar documents. Credit history document or certificate of credit standing may also be needed. It may also help to present declaration of properties to enhance the chance of approval by proving the ability to pay. The lender may consider the loan based on the person’s ability to pay the loan. This may also help to fetch extra amount if more cash is necessary than what the home equity could qualify for.

The lender may set a meeting with the borrower and ask some questions. This should be something to prepare for. The loan approval may depend on how the borrower answers questions. The best way to make sure is to be truthful and stay confident.


Benefit-Of-Online-Home-Owner-Loans 18 May

Benefits Of Online Home Owner Loans

Online homeowner loans can have a number of benefits for individuals who are searching to borrow money without having to pay more than absolutely necessary for their loan. By considering online homeowner loans, you can greatly increase your chances of finding a loan that features a low-interest rate, flexible loan terms, and a number of various choices regarding how you repay the money that you’ve borrowed. If you are unfamiliar with the options provided by online home owner loans, then the information below should help you to get a better understanding of some of the benefits associated with borrowing money against equity online.

Interest Rates

A major benefit of online homeowner loans is the fact that they generally carry low-interest rates that you might not be able to find anywhere else. These loans combine the generally low rates of equity lending with the reduced overhead of lenders who operate exclusively online; the end result is additional savings that can be passed onto the customer while still ensuring that the lender can make a profit off of the transaction.

Loan Flexibility

Online homeowner loans are generally very flexible in their terms, allowing borrowers a number of choice in regards to repayment and the overall time frame of the loan. Many online lenders will allow you to choose the time frame and payment options that best suit your wants and income, and some will even allow you to alter your payment due date or will work with you to make sure that you can make your payments on time even if you run into a bit of financial difficulty.

Fast Approval

Because the loan approval process often takes place in-house, lenders who offer online homeowner loans are generally able to approve their loans within a matter of days instead of the weeks that may be required by other lenders. The majority of loans are approved within one to 3 days, and a significant number of lenders are even able to offer instant or same-day approval. Any extra information that is needed can often be faxed in to expedite the approval process, though there are some lenders who require that difficult copies be mailed instead. Should that be the case with your loan, most of these lenders will process the application as far as possible beforehand so that the approval can happen and the funds can be issued as soon as the mailed information arrives.

Bad Credit Lending

Because of the high value of the equity used as collateral, lenders who offer online homeowner loans can generally offer exceptional interest rates and flexible loan terms on their loans even to individuals who have had credit problems in the past. This can open up possibilities to people who thought that they had no other choices available to them, allowing them to take out a loan to consolidate their debts or make much-required home repairs or improvements.